We first developed Service Database in 2003 and we have regularly improved and developed this versatile program. Below you can see a step-by-step history is development.

SDB 2008


On the success of SDB 2007 we have refined the program further, with seamless upgrade to SDB 2008 you will find this latest incarnation more flexible, easier to recall information and now you can really present a professional image to your customers and suppliers.

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SDB 2007


It's the beginning of 2007 and we are proud to announce a new Service Database, SDB 2007. In this version there are many new futures and improvements. Of course you can import all data from our old service databases for use in SDB 2007.

New for this release, we have included greater flexibility so now not only SDB be used for GSM service centres, but you can use this great tool in other service industries including digital cameras, computers, fridges, washing machines, cars, etc. Another major development from previous versions is that you can make suggestions on how to improve SDB 2007 via the software and we will try our best to include the best of these in the near future.

SDB 2006


SDB 2006 is a limited release, used primarily for beta testing. Many lessons are learnt and we make the decision to completely re-programmed the whole project, As a result service database SDB 2007 is born, this version is available from January 2007.

Service database 2005


In 2005 we make totally new version, with many improvements. Major improvements to SDB 2005 over v3.0.1.571. The problem with database system on some computers now corrected.

Service database 2


The second release is in 2004, there are not many changes, only a few design tweeks and a few improvements to some functions.

Service database 1


Our first incarnation of the software called service database comes into existence in 2003. We get the idea to develop this program because we had a service point and we were unable to find a package to suit our needs. We share this program with our friends and a few companies we have dealt with. We see that many people like it and decide to develop the project further.

Service in Russia
We have been using SDB from the time when it was developed together with GSM Key. And from that time we found a great improvement in interface and all the functions of the program. The best thing is that authors using advises of testers, just to make the program better and better. Thanks a lot for this great product!

GSM centrum Ltd.
You can find any orders if you are owner of SDB 2008. I never met with this great sophisticated product. I advise it!
Michal Vavra

Service database can write the valid record for receiving to compaint and then print it. You can easily find your order by serial number. SDB 2008 is general and easy for use.
Alice Kubikova

We stopped to use our letter of dispute from our eshop and start to use this great software.
Libor Tušar

We are content with new service database.
Pavel Durcansky

New program use reliability database.