Service database SDB 2008

We would like to present our new software Service Database SDB 2008. Service DataBase was designed originally for mobile phone service centres. But SDB 2008 is not only for GSM service centres, because it is so easy to customize it can be tailored for use in many other service environments like digital cameras, cars, computers, etc.

SDB 2008 has many features including:

SDB 2008
  • Fast and easy intallation.
  • Comfortable user environment.
  • Easily add / edit own print sheet
  • Easily add / edit customers, orders, partners, dealers.
  • Software can used as a stand alone or networked program.
  • Database can be accessed via intranet or internet.
  • Easily edit cities, postal codes, order lists, service terms and conditions, information about company and list of equipment.
  • Fast searching of customer and order databases.
  • User defined colours for different customer and order types.
  • Setting of colors for different customers and orders.
  • User defined prefix for automatically generated number for warranty and after-warranty repairs.
  • Automatic printing.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Automatic backup when closing program.
  • Support multiple languages (currently supported: English, Czech, Slovak, German, Hrvatski, Russian, Greek, Portuguese, Chinese and Slovenian). Easily translate for yourself using notepad to edit *.ini a *.sql files. You will find these the /lng folder.
  • You can save, restore and import data from older service databases.
  • We are glad if you can help us to improve service database so all your requirements will be implement.
  • You can activate either with a USB key or a unique system licence.
  • FREE Trial version is for 30 days and 30 runs.

The advantages of a professional solution are obvious:

         Old method           New method

Click on the following links below for screen shots of SDB 2008:

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Service in Russia
We have been using SDB from the time when it was developed together with GSM Key. And from that time we found a great improvement in interface and all the functions of the program. The best thing is that authors using advises of testers, just to make the program better and better. Thanks a lot for this great product!

GSM centrum Ltd.
You can find any orders if you are owner of SDB 2008. I never met with this great sophisticated product. I advise it!
Michal Vavra

Service database can write the valid record for receiving to compaint and then print it. You can easily find your order by serial number. SDB 2008 is general and easy for use.
Alice Kubikova

We stopped to use our letter of dispute from our eshop and start to use this great software.
Libor Tušar

We are content with new service database.
Pavel Durcansky

New program use reliability database.